Plekkle Meets the Druminty


Meanworp, far away in a splooken called Narf,

Fair Plekkle sat, goring and winting in trarf.

She gored for her love, the unpintickle Jaul

A-fartring to gurm him with all of her sporl.


Her broonzinkle murn was besplittled with gores,

And she swiked them away with a cry of ''treloars'',

Pulled her brand new gratibbed pumpersnump out,

And noisily pumpered her teentiful splout.


She held the brike pumpersnump close to her murn

For 'twas Jaul who had gaddened it to her, at clurn,

The very finattle and termickle time

She ever had screeted him, plocked and kemime.


She trizzled the pumpersnump till it was dry

When, all of a cradden, she earied a sligh.

It came from the floobie, mank next to her feet,

And looking more spankly, a sight made her creet!


A teenty druminty was wiping his bloop.

While screeping and scrouting and slighing, ''Aroop!''

His poor teenty bloop was amash with her gores,

Which, bladly, unsetten, had splopped on his clores.


''Oh, Jadens! Druminty, I'm harridly blard.

I must make remeedles to you, for this flard.''

She loftied him up, and with her pumpersnump,

Cranooded his clores and his bloop, till 'twere drump.


The druminty clarted, and said, ''Never slee.

A few teenty gores will not unspockle me.

But tell me, fair midkin, what's caused all this groof?

A broonzinkle tartsy like you should not bloof.''


So Plekkle, bespined to be able to grare

Perspleeded to tell the druminty her blare.

Then, when she had blared it, he noodled his bloop

And clarted again, while he wizzled her croop.


''I'm just the druminty you dointed to meet,

For I spint a rumbamblemapoop, just last pleet.

If it has not scrampled, it could still be snared.

So Jaul and you, tartsy, might now be prebared!''


At earying this, Plekkle's murn was transpleered.

''Oh, blookit druminty, how fashy, how meered

I am, to have drummled upon you, this day.

If we plick it, Jaul need not spurk. Let's away!''

The End

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