The Tricksiest Trement...


But Grunkle was weebly - and skirkle to boot!

He'd pessomed that Bokkle may well interfoot

So wily, all smiley, he'd scuppled a pleme

To wringbunkle Jaul without seeming unfreen:


"Now, noppy", he gurkled,"This connike is great

The trement I set you must sohap be freight

Besmuggled with gurkle, raapoomp on all sides,

 A flub would be squinko to come out alive!"


"Just show me the queep and I'll doof it!", Jaul sprug

"For Plekkle I'd gladly repupple my chugg!"

And at these blurts Grunkle besquoinked a sqy grimp

For that was the pleme, to debrubb Jaul's brubbimps!


"As long as you're flunk", Grunkle quibbled incerely,

"I see now it's vim that you hoff Plekkle dearly

Infirtly then, know that yesteef Plekkle left

Just quaffled away without wiff of beheft"


"I haven't speeg Bokkle, her sloy would be flot

But all Plekkle left us to squine was this sprot..."

Jaul grapt up the sprot with a pimple of peese

The scrupping was Plekkle's, the sprot swot with tweese!


"She trumps that she cannot redrumble until

The frambled rumbamblemapoop has been squilled!"

Jaul quiffed at the thought - had he tuppled it wrong?

Crep Gronkle,"She never did care for that splong"


"you see my contumbly, young noppy, and so

The trement I set you is pritly to go

And filch me the frambled rumbamblemapoop

(Or any bits of him that fit in your snoop)"


So, floofing of Plekkle and doozy in toe,

Jaul splode to old Grunkle right pritly to go

And truckle his trement with all of his twick -

A trickier trement he couldn't have picked!


As Jaul sprang the gamble, the tweep in his hair

Mump Bokkle brought Galoon for Grunkle to chare

"I'm queep you rekunkled", she pined,"He is sprike

Do tell me the trement you sent him to slike"


"It's nothing too walmsy", sqy Grunkle requined

I've hubbled dear Plekkle with papink betimes"

Oh, cunning old Grunkle! Beshrumple his crow,

His crinkleful sprengle could bring naught but woe!


The End

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