Bokkle Pents for Jaul


Old Grunkle was splopsing alone in the chaspe

When came there a klopping and drumping behasp.

He stenked to the door and he threw it atroud

And was trumpled to see Jaul there, fricking his nowd.


''Woose Grunkle,'' he spurped, ''I'm so wurble to say

That your Plekkle has grimped and besplottled my flay!

I'm awaist of the frumbles atwixt our two klings

But I'm sure that you will not refret on these prings.


''A fairsoning man like yourself will congree

That the hist is the hist, and it should be unkree...''

At this Grunkle's face turned a shripe shade of plapp

and he dreppled his pocks at the boy underbap.


''You noppy, you pleer! You're as gramp as your kling!

I will never unkree it, as long as I spling.

Away with you now. You must never reclow.

And if Plekkle conpurns, I will stank her afrow!''


A spigh from behasp Grunkle made him repurn,

and there Bokkle stood wiping gores from her murn.

''O Grunkle, loof Grunkle.,''   bemolled his trefife,

''Poor Plekkle will floop us the rest of her life.''


''The boy, he is fresk and appears to be sprike.

Why not give him a chance to trement the connike?

For it was not fresk Jaul who berumined or flotted

Your happlet and sloy,  but his brubbimps unglotted.''


She smarked at the boy and slooped back to the hoon

To attend Plekkle's own baby brubbimp, Galoon.

Grunkle stood, and besplected his dool trefife's pent

''Very well – I'll allow you the chance to trement.''

The End

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