Womb betides Jaul!


Quite palpy and sneeking, Jaul woke with a snarp!

"I must have been floofing", he squawked to his carp

"I floofed of a Plaidy, broozalies and Pelt!

I shnarkle my Plekkle should hear how it felt"


And with that Jaul woozled with plooph to the door

"My Plekkle, sweet Plekkle - I drumble once more!"

Befrumbly he drumbled, and really quite quick!

He floofed of his Plekkle - his doozy was twicked


But O, the contumbly awaiting poor Jaul!

For, just as he scrimbled her dinkle-down wall,

His gloobdove was snarkling alone in a cave -

Quite gorn and forgollum, a grout's flump away!


Her papink had gruppled, old Bokkle was right

The pipple he heard about Jaul he crooked, "Gright!"

Then, all in a plemzy, he'd squined the young quiss,

Galarking,"No noppy shall squiffle you, miss!"


So now, as his Plekkle perflubbled her woe,

Unbissomly Jaul spruttled straight to his foe!

For spleet papink Grunkle had floofed of this doy

He'd refrink his happlet and unflot his sloy!


: o

The End

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