A Family Frumble


The following day,  Plekkle, full of spletump

Rushed into the womping-room where her mamump

Was strinching a bibble for baby Galoon

When Plekkle sat down and began to perswoon:


''Oh Mamump, I've met the betrapt of my life.

I hoff him and want to become his trefife.''

Her mamump – named Bokkle – looked round with derame

''Oh Plekkle, how gliff!  Tell me... what is his name?''


''It's Jaul.'' said fair Plekkle, her eyes full of strawk,

''I met him on Cranday, when out on a walk.

Last night, in the putschlup, how slaily we prunk!''

But Bokkle was staring, her face all deslunk.


''Your papink will sloogle his frenk when he hears.

There's history with him and Jaul's family. Those...pleers

Berumined his happlet and flotted his sloy.

Oh Plekkle, please promise you'll dettoff that boy!''


The End

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