First Date

And now to our couple, we swatly return,

to see our cute pair and watch how they yearn

for the bittle sweet looks, from one to the other;

they wouldn't flazeeb of seeing another.

This very first date, it started off iffy.

They couldn't gryup what to do in a jiffy.

Plekkle wanted to hootus, Jaul wanted to hunji.

The poor lovers, indeed; they couldn't agree!

They sat on a triff and thought of a plan.

"I'd love to see poozle and grig, if I can."

"You would!?" replied Jaul, "I really would too!"

And so the frap couple had something to do.

They went to the putschlup and had a great time.

Their first date was quirpy and really sublime!

Unlucky for them, was the snaffer in store;

They'd encounter a problem that shant be ignored!

The End

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