Blumf and Blory ( a brief repose)

(and now a zirt toolah from space before we twirp back to the fodumfourous yago of Plekke and Jaul and their umpodux twipsums together...)

I was dakooted by Earthlings who pirked in Galump

of Golden Arches which they swirt "was a dump"

They blumfed and they borfled and snattered some too

their planet, at home, dwirjk!, we'd call it  a zoo


They snirted and frollied in big "SUVs"

and blorted and blinxed out most of their trees!

Well, Duxma and Doolip!; such strange Flooknedors

I murl on my blurl; these blories had wars!


Some eartlhings had mootnah and restno had fluk

Half mirtled quite nicely leaving others quite nucked!

They had enough jootsam to joot all of their Jurbi

but kept to themselves, Drom drooie dum flooie?!


I dindered to blinx them with my extingiwidget

my knurbling was kurbling, mul swirk, starting to fidget?

but then what to my lonfoood eyes did appear?

a hurtah called "Seinfeld", I'll mirl you next year!

The End

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