Love Story From a Strange Land

The strange but glintiful story of lovely Plekkle and brave Jaul. The course of true love never did run sperlooksie.


This rhymicle tells of a frastiful pair

Whose exploits and joylubs I'm happy to share.

I heard of their story one day, quite by chance,

and here is the ode of their plinket romance.


I will, if I may, introduce to you all

These glintiful characters, Plekkle and Jaul:

The first is a girl and the latter her mate.

The best place to start is, I guess, their first date.


Now, Plekkle was gathering sneebies one day

in Hampet, (The month coincides with our May).

The simmet was snaying, its rays clear and snarp.

No sprikkle had fallen for days in Galarp.


Young Plekkle, a beauty, of that there's no doubt,

Had hair of the hue of a possicky frout.

Her eyes were bright flurtle, her lips large and grink,

And when she passed by, all the boys cried ''Kerflink!''


This Cranday in Hampet, Jaul, out for a walk

Encountered our Plekkle, and ventured to talk.

He gazed on her tripsel, and, feeling quite pleep,

He then, on an impulse, petrinkled her fleep.


''It would be sicclusive to see you again.''

He clonned, ''But my frink is too keppet and clane.''

''Oh Jaul, I'd be vattic if you'll be my beau.

Lets cobbink together. Oh where shall we go?''

The End

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