Love Someone Else

I want to love someone else,

Because loving you is a hardship,

That I could do without.

The constant indecision,

The worry and the doubt.

The wishing and the dreaming,

The constant rise and fall.

I could hold you in my arms,

I could join you in the dance,

But for one indecision,

Which splits my mind.

Do I love you because it will never be?

The safe option,

To shield my heart from destruction,

Would be to rest it with someone,

Who I know could never love me.

My heart and mind,

They spin round and round,

A cat fight of emotions,

Their yowling calls sound your name.

I don't know what to do,

Please help me.

You're the one I want to talk to,

And the only one who can never hear;

The pain you cause my everyday,

Is something I must bear alone.

The End

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