You know I do

I remain, waiting for you.

Watching snow build in my windows.

It’s too sad

Waiting for your hands

As I am.

Explain to me

Why I am empty

When I’m lonely

As I look at you.

Even seeing your footprints.

Every piece wants to smile

I’m waiting

For your hands

Your eyes.

I want to look at you again,

But die when I do

Every piece serves

A new reminder of that snow

That freezes my toes

And keeps your hands away

Ice grey wind as our

Famous friend.

Flavoursome ash settles on my tongue

The tree’s fading, vibrant.

Welcome colourlessness, welcome.


I miss you

Your eyes

Your hands

Orchestral swells

And I want to see your guidance,

Your conduction.

I remain

I’m sorry

The summer’s too cold

And winter is too warm.

Would you calm me

If I’m destined  to be and stay alone?

It was something I did


I can’t stay away

Please, don’t make me go

Please, I’m fine. Just fragile

When sad songs play

I’m not sure if it’s yours

I want it to be yours

You know that I want

That I’m waiting

Thank you,

But forgive me

You should run


I’m struggling to retain you

I should’ve let you leave

I can’t I’m sorry





It burns

We burn and choke


I do

You know I do


The End

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