Infection of Heart

I’m susceptible to you

As if you were a sickness… and I’m not entirely sure that you aren’t

Your poison is in my heart, but this is an overused cliché so I will avoid it

The one o’clock beat of the heavy drum stills

This is a metaphor for my heartbeat

And how it stops in the same way as the church bells start

I think you understand

At least I hope you do

I don’t want to confuse you but sometimes I don’t have a choice

There are things that can only be equated

And never described

You are one and these feelings are another

I wonder if you’d accept a belated Valentine’s Day gift

If it’s not too of the clichés that I try to avoid

But it depends on if you understand what belated means

I met you late in the morning

I fear afternoon

Evening doesn’t listen to me

This is a metaphor for when you’ll leave me

Even poison leaves eventually


The End

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