Run through the hills in the midst of winter,
Stand on a mountain in a thunderstorm
And damn the Gods.
Take off your shoes and dive from the
21st floor into a sea of dreams,
Into gravity's loving arms,
Sail out to sea and fly a crimson kite
To lure the demons.
Replace the stairway to Heaven
With a short ride in the elevator to Hell,
United in corruption,
Burn away the 'morals' that mother
Engraved on your childish soul.
Embrace love with wide-eyed passion,
Say you'll be there forever,
Don't catch them when they fall,
Fall with them.
Take a walk through the woods,
Engage yourself in conversation,
Lovely weather, don't you think?
Buy an ice cream to feed the sea gulls,
Buy a sea gull, just because.

Somebody told me once that
I must be insane,
That made me think.
I thought, and thought,
And now I think that
Sanity must be
The End

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