Call my name.
Mutter it under your breath,
whisper it so it sounds like a
breath of wind
drifting into plains of desire.
Think it, keep it (silent),
don't let it pass your
lips, barriers.

Summon me to your side,
we'll sit beneath the stars,
let's just pretend.
We'll run through life together,
We'll somersault over the obstacles
in just a few minutes.
We won't even leave the stars.
We are the stars.

We're a canvas,
splattered with blue, yellow,
Moulded together,
I'd call that art.
Sell it for a million,
Keep the soul;
we can't lose that.

Give me your hand,
I'll give you a hand,
Life ain't that hard.
Block it out,
block out the stars,
they're just a distraction.
Join me in a universe
where the clichés still hold true,
your eyes are like stars.

Bundle the world in a
cardboard box,
send it to a car-boot sale
without the car-boot,
without the world.
Throw in your memories
throw in ourselves.

But keep the (soul),
We can't lose that.

The End

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