Love Poem To Love

I never was sure what to think
of you.

Your slender fingers caress me,
soothe the aches of a
lonely heart, mend the cracks.
You hold me in your arms,
tell me you'll never leave me,
never hurt me.

You lie beneath my ribcage,
continuous drummer,
you linger on my palms,
salty beads of excitement.
You rest beneath my skin
to turn my cheeks
the colour of lust.

You drag adrenaline
to every muscle,
leaving a glittering space
in my stomach,
somewhat reminiscent of your
signature butterfly.

You float across my dreams
night after night,
Your head on the pillow
beside me,
Your arm around my waist
to keep me safe.

I want you, so much,
and on those days when you're away,
you take my mind with you;
you leave me an empty shell
in an empty double bed.

I hold you, I hold you,
so tight you draw blood.
Blood-stained wishes.
The cracks /
reappear in the ventricles,
my heart bleeds.

You said you'd never hurt me.

The End

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