Love or Lust?

it was loveat first  sight,
the moment i met you,
sparks flew and brought us,
closer and  together;

barely a minute goes by,
without me thinking,
is this too good,
to  be true;

i pinch myself from time to time,
just to make sure i am not dreaming,
and not hallucinating all this,
between you and me;

a touch here, a touch there,
a kiss here, a kiss there,
a gentle  caress, a playful nibble,
hands all over everytime we are together;

few seconds of leaving you out of my sight,
a frantic search begins,  scanning everything and everywhere,
and it stops only when i find you,
standing, smiling and playing with my heart;

your lips against mine,
as we indulge in our sins,
your body next to  mine,
entwined in our flame of ecstasy;

in the moonlight glow,
as we drift into deep peace,
tell me baby,
is  it Love or is it Lust?


The End

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