Love of my Life

Love of my Life

Siting next to my sweetheart,

Our hands tangled with each others,

Smiling, looking into his eyes,

I’m so glad he’s my lover.

We look out the coffee shop window,

To see a few little kids,

They look at us,

And they have massive grins.

I wondered why they were so happy,

But then they came in,

They came up to me,

And said they stopped believing in magic when they were ten.

The kids believed again,

Because they saw our smiling faces,

And they realized,

That true love could take you places.

I heard my love last,

And say “it’s only magic if she’s the one,”

My smile went ear to ear,

And on my face, beamed the sun.

Those words were so beautiful,

I held them in my heart,

He leaned in to kiss me,

I never wanted to be split apart.

He handed me a necklace,

Silver and smooth,

He put it on me,

And said that I was a beaut.

I knew right then,

That in a few years time,

I’d have a ring on my finger,

And be sharing a glass of wine.

I would be wearing a white dress,

And him, a tux.

I love him so much,

And I don’t know how I got this luck.

Even though he can do better,

And is too good for me

I know that he loves who I am,

And never wants to set me free.

The End

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