Love Never Dies

Love Never Dies

You are my world

You are my heart

My soul my everything

You give me life

I'd do anything for you just name it

Your the reason why I still have hope for love

The smile on my face is made only for you

Your the reason why I don't have to hide

Your the reason why everything is clear

Your love never dies

Baby without you I wouldn't be breathing

I love you!

Your my country guy and I'm your country girl

We were made for each other

We were mean't to be together

Their are times where I don't think I deserve you

But you always give me a reason why I'm yours

Noone in this world could compare to you

You always make me laugh never cry

You saw the light in me when noone else did

You are  mine like I am yours

Forver would seem like a lifetime but with you thats where I wanna be.

I treasure each and every moment with you

I don't want anyone else but you.

Like you always tell me:

"I will always love you no matter what and I will ALWAYS love you forever"

Well thats what I plan to do with you.





Thanks for reading!



The End

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