Love Me Back

A sweet little poem of love

Love Me Back


One day he looked me in the eyes,

Told me he loved me, then said goodbye

I walked away with no emotion,

Leaving behind my former devotion

I carried on the best I could,

The only way I knew I would,

I ate cake and ice cream, pretending I was fine,

Till one day it hit me, he was no longer mine.

I sat up crying the whole night long,

Listening to all our favourite songs,

Thinking about the times we shared,

From back when he still cared.

And then something happened, that gave me a fright,

The phone rang loudly in the night,

I answered it, to see who it was

Expecting a pranker, I decided to pause

“I’m sorry my sweet, I miss you so much,

The smell of your hair, your skin and your touch,

I made a mistake, come back to me please,

I promise you love, I swear I’m no tease”,

 I hung up the phone, and took a deep breath,

For the next move I made, could bring me to death,

I ran down the stairs and opened the door,

To find him with flowers, and all he could pay for,

I grabbed him by the hands, and smiled something wide,

I kissed him with forgiveness, and looked at him with pride,

“If you ever hurt me again, I cannot guarantee,

That there will be a you and me”,

He grinned back and touched my hair,

“I will always, always be here”.

The End

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