Love Me?

I have long hair.

I have a temper.

I am very argumentative.

I look dark.

I fake smiles.

I cry myself to sleep.

I listen to everything.

I never tell you how I really feel.

I have scars.

I have been addicted.

I have drugged my head to sleep.

I have drank away the stress.

I stare at you everyday.

I whisper my fears.

I have been mistaken for a girl.

I have been intimidated to tears.

I have been tortured and bruised.

I hold in all my emotions.

I over-achieve.

I have tried to starve myself.

I hate the way I look.

I spend hours staring into my reflection.

I avoid mirrors, for I don’t want to see myself.

I turn my music up really loud.

I lay down sometimes and stare at sky.

I wonder the streets some nights.

I lie to friends, family, strangers, and myself.

I have a hard time keeping promises.

I am sad almost everyday.

I feel lost in this world.

I love my friends.

I yell words in my head that should never be heard.

I sit alone for hours and just think.

I don’t sleep sometimes for several days.

I tell you I`m fine when I`m not.

I just want to forget.

I want to remember every detail.

I am broken.

I pretend I`m tough when I`m really soft.

I spend the time loving the little things.

I hate to buy clothes.

I hate to show any of my flaws.

I would travel to the end of the world for you.

I love art and love to be unique.

I confuse myself every morning.

I walk to school just so I can be alone.

I wonder if you would care if I died.

I hurt myself more then anyone has ever hurt me.

I tell you everything.

I trust that you`ll trust me.

I wish I could be loved.

I am never perfect enough for my own standards.

I keep my darkest secrets, secrets forever.

I write for hours about absolutely nothing.

I would die to see you smile again.

I try everything to make you laugh.

I never know if I`m really happy.

I believe I can change.

I care about every living thing.

I don’t know if I`ll ever find love.

I want to save the world.

I put others down to make myself feel good.

I have been bullied all my life.

I don’t know where to stop.

I am in fear for my life.

I am jealous of you and everyone else.

I find a way to feel worse about everything.

I wish I could just be noticed.

I am scared of what you`ll say.

I think I`m losing you.

I wish I was a child again.

I fear my future.

I stand in the rain so no one can see my crying.

I feel the grass to know I`m still alive.

I take photos but never look at them again.

I hate photos of myself.

I am me.

I want to love me.

I don’t know if I ever can.

But can you?

The End

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