Chapter 27 - Reflection.

If I had one wish,

It would be to stay with you forever,



I look into the mirror,

And the lake,

And I see us looking back.


I pause and it is still.


If only I could capture it,

Keep it, stop it

From disappearing.

Then we could be forever.


  I was glad that we had made up. I hated arguing with him. I had been my fault though, and I felt so stupid that I had initiated such a trivial argument. I had almost risked our relationship just to try and make myself look right.

  At least he had forgiven me though. He was also in the wrong, but I forgave him. I would have forgiven him for anything. Which made me sound delusional, but I honestly would have, as I knew that we were destined to be together. These feelings that I had were the strongest I had ever experienced; they were true, and overpowering of any other feelings I had. They were so boldly telling me to follow their path, and I could not ignore them. They were the light at the end of the tunnel; the zenith of what I was trying to achieve. All I could do was follow this diamond-laced road, and ignore the dark alleyways of other notions and directions that I could act upon. I did not want to go down those paths; I was happy with the road I was following, as I knew its final destination was where I wanted to be.

  Even though the argument had upset both of us, I felt we had gained from it. Because we were now even more determined to make our relationship work. It had been a wake-up call to me, showing me that I could never lose him. That I had to make an effort with this, as it would affect me for the rest of my life. He had seen it too, and we promised each other that whatever happened, we would resolve it, and never lose contact, even for a day.

  Recently we had tried to make more of an effort to see each other. And it was working. We would stay with each other after college each night, and then see each other for extra during the mornings. The Christmas holidays had started now, and it made me think of last Christmas, when I had received that present off of my current fixation. How happy it had made me feel when I realised it had been from him. I knew this Christmas would be even better.


  Now that it was the holidays, I could see him more. We didn’t have college to distract us. We could spend every day up until Christmas together, ignoring everything else. He came round mine, I went round his, and we went into town, and various other places. It was cold, but not cold enough for snow just yet. I hoped that it would snow at some point, being Christmas, but I did not want the cold that came with it. When it was cold there were fewer things we could do together, such as going out. There was no sitting on picnic blankets in the park with winter, no lying together on the beach, or in the soft grasses by the river. It was a purely indoor season, which I did not like. Yes, we could watch films together, and many other things, but it didn’t compare to our outside excursions we had so willingly participated in during the summer.

I was leaving to go on holiday on the 23rd, the day before Christmas Eve, and so I wouldn’t see him until at least a couple of days before New Years. He had unexpectedly arranged for us to spend a day together outside, in a place I had never been before. It was still cold, and so I was reluctant at first, but he assured me that I would not want to miss it. And it meant extra time with him, which was all that I wanted. Even for Christmas I did not want anything else. We were not getting each other presents this year, just spending time with each other. The best present I could have wanted, and a money saver.

  The place he took me was nearer where he lived than where I did. It was far out, in the countryside, surrounded by various different trees. Many of them had lost their leaves. Some retained a few orange-brown adornments, but mostly they were branches and twigs. There were fir trees around as well, which had kept their greenness, and I smiled to myself at the sight of life in such a dead season.

  We walked for a while, first down a well-cleared path, then down another path that was surrounded by brambles and various other nasty looking plants. Plants that I did not want obscuring our trip together. After that path we became surrounded by green trees, almost like Christmas trees. They were laced with raindrops that had fallen in the morning. The path was now gone, and we made our way through the trees, following only clear space.

  I was wondering how long it would take to reach where we were going. We had been walking for quite a while now. My necklace was beginning to feel slightly loose against my skin, and I touched the back to make sure it wasn’t broken. The catch on it seemed fine, but it did not stop me worrying about its safety.

  We must have been walking for about a mile when he stopped, and turned round to face me. He let go of my hand and instead placed his hands around my sides, pulling me towards him.

  “I love you.”

  “I love you too.”

  He took my hand, and led me further through the trees, which were gently sloping with the gradient of the earth. We walked down and down, until I noticed something shimmering slightly in the distance.

  “What’s that?”

  “You wait and see.” He smiled at me, and carried on taking me forwards. As we got closer I realised it was a massive lake, surrounded by fir trees. The light from the sun hit the cool body of water and sent sparkles bouncing off in different directions. The air was still around here; not even a ripple tainted the smoothness of the water. We got closer still, hand in hand and dazzled by the light.

  “What is this place?”

  “Not many people know about it. I found it once while walking, and I thought you’d like it.”

  “I do, I love it.” I hugged him, embracing with the warmth I was getting from him.

  “Shall we go right up to it?” He gestured towards the lake, and I was intrigued to move in closer, and so followed him.

  The water in the lake was almost clear, and there was a lot of it. The lake must have stretched out over a quarter of a mile, and it was deep. The slope down to it was sudden, and it was impossible to reach the bottom with hands alone. We sat down beside it, looking into the water. I could see our reflection, slightly distorted by the shape of the water. We were together, arms round each other, smiling. Happy. As happy as I could ever be, as I knew he was there with me. And he was not just a reflection; he was real, and mine.

  “It’s such a perfect image.”

  “What, the lake?”

  “Yes, but our reflection...I want it to stay like that forever. I never want to let it fade away.”

  “It won’t, not in our minds. Even if the reflection is not in the lake once we leave, the memory of it will stay with us forever.”

  I pulled him closer, touched by his words. He always knew what to say. And he always said it right. He brought me to the most magical places, and bought me the most magical things. Everything he did for me was perfect.

  We looked at our reflection again. I touched the surface, very lightly, with my finger, and it sent tiny ripples through the image, partially distorting it for a moment. I sat, and waited, and after several seconds the reflection was back to its normal, true state.

  I leaned in, wanting to see it closer up. I wanted to jump into the reflection where time didn’t pass, and we would be together forever. I didn’t want it to end.  As I got closer to the water’s surface, I felt a sudden loosening around my neck. I put my hand up to stop it, but it was too late. The necklace, with its broken catch, dropped silently into the water, causing a slight splash that retreated into my face. The reflection, once still, shattered into a million tiny pieces as the necklace broke it up. I watched in horror as my necklace floated to the bottom of the lake, out of reach, and lost forever.

  “...My necklace!”  I didn’t take my eyes off the spot where it had fallen. “It’s...gone!”

  And then I felt him take my hand, and move closer to me. I spoke out in panic, worried that I had upset him. “Can we get it back? Please? I don’t want to lose it...”

  “Look at me. It’s gone now. Did you break it?”

  “No! Well, it seemed looser earlier, but it didn’t feel broken. I guess the catch must have gone on it.”

  “Come here.”

  “But, you bought t for me! And it’s gone! Sorry. I had to go and ruin it all, didn’t I?”

  “You didn’t ruin anything, silly. Look, it’s still there.”

  “Yes, but that doesn’t mean we can get it back...”

  He kissed me lightly on the cheek. “Make a wish.”


  “Make a wish on the necklace. Maybe it’ll come true.”

  “Okay...” I closed my eyes, and thought. There was only one thing I wanted, only one thing that was necessary for me to wish for. I spoke quietly under my breath, so that he couldn’t hear, and wished for eternal happiness with him. Always with him, never leaving his side. Nothing getting in between us, and nothing destroying what we had. Forever was what I wanted, and what I wished for. I opened my eyes again, wish completed. “I’ve made it.”

  “Good. Don’t worry about the necklace, okay? You still have the meaning of it.”

  “Yes, I do. Thank you. How long do we have?”

  “About five hours. Want to just sit here together?”

  “Yes, I’d like that.”

  “Well that’s what we’ll do then.” He moved me so that my head rested against his chest, with his warm arms wrapped around me, and we sat there for the whole time, just being together. It was perfect. Even without the necklace, it was perfect.

The End

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