Chapter 20 - Fly.

I flew tonight.

You flew with me;

Our pulses symmetrical,

Our intent the same.


We travelled for miles

Synchronised as one,

Soaring upwards

Until we’d reached the zenith of our goal.


And as we drifted down

From that euphoria

I held you tight,

Vowing never to let you go.



  I was about to encounter a dramatic opening to the relationship, but I didn’t know it yet. I was about to experience something I had never done before, something that would open my eyes to the world and bring appreciation to me. I would come across my feelings so vividly, that they would amount further and further until I had lost control of them entirely, and I could never turn back. I was going to reach that ultimate climax that I had hoped for before.


  August was ending. The heat of the year was coming to an end, and the faint breezes were settling in. The atmosphere was calming down into a cool sense of relaxation. I was up and going, dressed like it was the middle of summer still, my thoughts and ideas vibrant and intense. He shared these feelings with me, and together we had our one little summer that we were still living.


  The end of the season did not mean the end of the relationship for us. We were nowhere near ending. We were stronger than ever, our minds joined together as one, and our physical selves rarely apart. We had both made an effort this summer – to see as much of each other as physically possible, and not get bored of it. The thought of being bored or irritated had not even crossed my mind. I was feeling like it was completely right, and almost planned. Our time together couldn’t have been any better.


  Our first and second months together had already happened, and we were now past midway through another. As the heat died down our relationship intensified. We were longing, longing in such a way that our desires had to be fulfilled. We needed each other, and without that we felt without reason to spend our days.


  Our physical relationship was getting to a point now, where, although we had reached a considerable height with it, there was still more to come, and we both needed satisfying in that way. We had shared intimate moments together - many intimate moments - but there was still that something that we were yearning for, craving for. It was not the main focus of our relationship however, as all our other issues together were fine, and we had no particular need for any sort of change, but as we knew we could have more, we wanted it. And that burning desire just wouldn’t go away.



  We carried on the relationship through the end of the summer, striving to reach that goal whilst falling deeper all the same. Every sense of mine was listening out for those small elements that could lead the way. I noticed his features; his brown, deep eyes, his soft, tender lips, his smooth, strokable hands, and every one of them made me want him more. The fact that I already had him did not make a difference, for I wanted more from it. I was content already, though would not pass up an opportunity to get him even closer to me than he was by now. At any time we had where we could be truly focused on each other, I would think about how far we had got in just over two months, and how I hoped it would never end.


  It was the first night he had stayed over my house properly that we began to realise how heightened this need was within us. We spend all the time we had with each other, not leaving each other’s side throughout the night, except small practicalities where we knew we would be soon reunited. Everything around us was alive, but we were the ones above that, the ones that were more alive inside. We were fully inside the present, with past and future surrounding us, but not part of the moment that was slowly being created. Once it had built up, the future would become clear, and the past left behind. And the present, the present would attain a new sense of worth, a memory of the time to mark the events that were happening. It would never be forgotten; kept in our minds as that momentous occasion that helped make us ourselves.


  The evening had approached, and the time we were spending together was going slowly, yet our feelings were rising so quickly that we were finding it hard to get through the time together. We both wanted so much for that hour to approach where we could go upstairs with each other, and let out all our feelings. We were downstairs for now, sat in the living room, just talking and embracing, and it was a perfect moment of existence. We were interrupted from both people and noise, and we had nothing we had to prepare for, except for the night ahead. Alone we were, in such a secluded way that it felt that time had stopped, and only we were continuing on our paths. My head was resting on his shoulder, and both his arms were around me, and occasionally he would pause the conversation and kiss my face or the side of my head, before continuing with what we were saying. The serenity around us was faultless, and our feelings for each other were at peace. There was nothing in the world that could destroy this perfect situation we had let ourselves float into, blissfully unaware of whatever was happening elsewhere.



  The moment had built up so much that by the time we got upstairs, about two hours before we decided to go to sleep, the tension was already apparent, and nothing would be able to halt it. It was so apparent we could almost hear it, taste it, touch it. I was so badly craving him that nothing else mattered; it was just me and him. He looked at me with the same look I had given him; he felt exactly the same way, and he wanted what I wanted. And we both knew it was the right time for it to happen.


  He kissed me, slowly at first, while we were still standing, from my lips, to my face, and down to my neck. I could feel his warm breath against my skin, and it sent tingles down my spine. I responded to him in the same way, heightening his senses further. I moved my lips from his neck down onto his chest, just above where his shirt started. Seeing where I was going he paused me, and sat me down on the bed beside him.


  “Are you sure you want to do this?”


  I looked up at him, displaying that desire that I knew he was trying so hard to hold back. “Yes, I’m sure.”


  He nodded, and I started to remove his shirt from him. His skin underneath was warm, and I ran my hands over it lightly, feeling as much of him as I could. In turn he took off my top, mirroring my movements and touching my newly exposed skin. His hands were slightly cold, and brought out sensations in me that increased my desires for him. We had been in these situations before, and so were comfortable with each other, but tonight we were reaching a whole new level.


  He carried on caressing me, taking off my remaining clothes, and his, and gently pushing me back onto the bed, until I was lying before him fully unclothed, and him leaning over me, clothes also removed. I held my breath as I thought about what would happen next. He leaned in further, kissing me passionately, and holding the side of my head and my hair as he did so. I pulled him down onto me, stroking his sides with my hands. His body was now warmer than before, and with mine created a heat that enhanced all of the sensations that we were encountering from it.


  He looked at me again, as if for a final confirmation, and I nodded to him, focusing straight into his eyes. He smiled, in both a passionate and friendly way, and traced his fingers around my face, from my hairline to my chin, over my neck, and then down over the rest of my body. I pulled him close again, holding him tight with my hands on his back. With my feelings confirmed, and the tension between us at its highest, he entered me slowly, and from there we continued together, until we had reached that final climax and resolved the tension that had built up so rapidly from our time throughout the day. We were finally as one.



  Afterwards, before falling asleep, we lay in each other’s arms. I could still feel his heated skin close against mine, and my senses took in every minute detail about him. He was warm both inside and out, and the way he held me sent intense vibes of feeling throughout me. We looked into each other’s eyes, staring deep within them and not saying anything for at least five minutes, until at last he spoke. He said my name softly, letting it find its way out of his mouth, and leaned in closer, seriousness apparent in his eyes. “I need to tell you…that, well…I love you.”


  It was then that my emotions halted, just for a second, and the realisation that I had pondered over for so long was central in my mind. I knew what it was. I knew what I needed to say. And I knew that, when it was clear, it would finalise our relationship as an ongoing meaningful existence, separate from everyday life. I knew that it would make all the difference. “I love you too.”


The End

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