Love, Loss

On clean linen sheets she lies
her head resting on a cushion of hair
Her eyes flicker briefly for a greeting
While I watch helplessly in despair

What was once so proud, so beautiful
now lies crippled with disease
What life's challenges could never break
this condition brought me to my knees

I begged so many for mercy
I offered so many fervent prayers
Alas, each one went unanswered
Nothing could be done, they so declared

She smiled bravely at my desperation
wondering who would take care of me
My tears burnt their way to my soul
while I watched her fade away silently

The emptiness has since engulfed me
The silence mocks me with its noise
I stare at the spaces she left behind
just begging to hear her voice

I've have abandoned all places of worship
their existence is alien to me
Can't understand why I continue to live
while my love has been set free

The End

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