Love Lies Bleeding

A poem the embodies the way it feels to be lost in the crowd. Comments are welcomed.

Cimmerian mists 
ooze a damson nocturne,
rubiginous buds bloom un-noticed-
As two lovers linger in amorous collusion;
A streetlamp proliferates
its wine-colored lumination
across the avenue,
and the neon fixture 
of a neighboring storefront
casts a carnelian glow 
upon the scene;
While frolicsome shadows dance about
in nigrescent celebration,
a night owl hoots in harmony
with the whispering intonation
of the rushing wind-
The evening air is sinfully alive
with the jingle-jangle jive
of a jazz piano
and the street is filled
with crowded silence
as love lies bleeding....

The End

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