Love Letter

Hey protaggers sorry for this rather delayed post. I haven't been up to poems lately. But heres my comeback! This ones dedicated to someone who hurts me so much I smile when the pain comes but unrequitted love never dies.

Its taken many days

And lonely nights

To soothe the pain.

I've felt anger

I've felt hurt

You cannot begin to imagine

The nightmare which unfurled.

My world broke down

The walls arose.

My heart detached from feeling,

Tears cascaded.

I was hysterical

And faithless.

Some girl lured you under her spell.

Tried to pull you that much further

From where we stand now.

You fill me up with even more woe.

Bidding for me back.

How desperate are you though?

I dropped all feelings of deceit today

When I wrote you a love letter which will get sent away.

I poured heartfelt words on paper,

I savoured my heart,

Unleased everything I had.

My letter will touch you

And the scent from my perfume will fill you too.

The perfumes named Besotted,

How ironic.

As I drag a cigarette to my lips,

A flashback of you landing these very lips with your sweet kiss.

Will haunt and tease,

Red hot,

The pain will burn me.

So may you

Take in my letter,

Douse in my love,

Feel my passion,

Reminiscense from our countries patriotically together.

And when you see the pictures of us,

Have faith

That theres more snaps to come.

Then I grant that you may miss me

And long shall you call my name.

My duty to you

Will never be out of vain.

The End

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