Love isn't...or is it?

This is wrong.

It can’t be right.

Love isn’t supposed to hurt.

Love isn’t supposed to be so cruel.

It shouldn’t cause tear stained pillows or scarred up thighs.

Love isn’t supposed to be miserable.

It shouldn’t make you feel so stupid for believing in the lies.

For hoping things will be different.

It shouldn’t make you doubt everything and everyone including yourself.

But in the end, I guess that’s what love is.

Believing in the lies and half-truths.

Knowing you deserve better but also knowing there won’t be any better.

Hiding the tears behind a smile.

Gritting your teeth through the pain.

Washing the pillows and hiding the scars.

Telling yourself that things will be different when you know they won’t.

I guess in the end, Love has become so wrong that is feels right.

The End

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