Love is Predictable

Nonsense love words.

What have you done?
Like a worm you burrowed
Deep into my chest’s thud.
But to yank you out
Would cause my core to leak.
Like a stone spilling blood.

What have you done?
Like a child you released
My marshmallow root.
And softened it further
With your campfired words.
There is no more old boot.

What have you done?
Like a serpent you tempted
My smitten soul.
Now it is ensnared
In your coils of comfort.
I swallowed the apple whole.

What have you done?
Like a disease you infected
My thoughts and mind.
Dwelling in the corner
Of my clustered worms.
Though I turn my eye blind.

You know what you have done.
Like a faulty engine I chunter
And may have lost a screw.
But with your love as fuel,
My furnace will continue to burn.
Until the cows turn blue.

The End

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