Love Is Like

This poem is about how love can be perceived in different ways. None are right or wrong, they're just the way we feel at that moment.

Love is like friendship caught on fire.

Love is a bond beyond what words can describe.

Love is sharing your whole self to someone.

Love is a connection of two energies.

Love is a feeling.

Love is made up from the movies.

Love is a bunch of lies and deceit.

Love is missing someone that doesn't think about you.

Love is staring hopelessly to a blank wall.

Love is a constant rollercoaster.

Love is a light through the darkness.

Love is kindness.

Love brings out the good.

Love reflects the truth.

Love is awesome.

Love is like a flower that blooms and bleeds.

But then again, I've never been in love, yet.

The End

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