Love Is Cancer

Crystalline, unique a brittle snowflake 
Clutches all dear, whoever in its wake
Sparing none, like a pandemic possessed
Some consider it evil, but others blessed

It confuses us all, leaves us spinning
Trying to see which one of us is winning
It poisons our minds with false hope and thought
A devious power if any such was bought

It hides behind beauty an ocean of pain
Not a single one lucky to come out fully sane
Be it blinded by bliss or lost in a kiss
Never do reality we ever miss

 Among clouds of pink cotton in takes us floating
Cupid's arrow twinkles, his smile gloating
Eyes strangely glittering, dark jade or obsidian
Our minds whirl with thoughts of impending oblivion

 Suddenly everything seems to fall from place
Cracks and claws, marks on his face
The monster rears its ugly head
And the disease has struck, hopelessness fed

In its final days, nothing is right
You have to give up, try as you might
And through blinding pain, you’re not all who suffers
Its weed like arms pierces through all buffers

 To reach far and wide spreading despair
Ten plagues of Egypt, whispers in the air
Pushing and shoving till one screams for salvation
Away from the vice like grip of desolation

Then a lone angel’s call- like a lover in death
Caresses you, coaxing your final breath
Leading you over the white hill’s crest
To a garden of flowers- the lair of eternal rest.

The End

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