love is a losing game

It seems that happiness runs away from me at every turn.

it's tough
when your love
is frowned upon

and come Valentine's,
i'll only be able to present her 
with a white rose
(she says that the red ones 
look too much like blood)
and i won't be able to kiss her
in public because people
don't like that sort of thing.

and i've been alone for so long
and i have cried for so long 
and i have been so broken for so long
and then she comes along
and yes, she is cracked
but aren't we all?

she is beautiful
with the curve of her lips
but i don't want
to objectify her
because she is so much more
than her appearance suggests.
she has a mind like mechanics,
and if something breaks down,
the entire thing won't work.

but i guess what i wanted to say
was that Valentine's is all about love
but the thing that they never mention
is that apparently people only think
that it's about love between a man and a woman,

but our love 
is between two girls.

and according to them,
i cannot celebrate Valentine's 
with the one i love.

i didn't used to hate February,
but it makes her sad.

The End

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