Love from a Hundred Angles

We all have different views and experiences that help us decide what love is. I've written a love poem, and eventually I want 99 others to put in their peoms about love. It can be any kind of love or affection- just put it in and build up a collection of writer's ideas on love. After all, it's what poets have been writing about since the beginning of time.

With and Without You

My lips are pursed, contrived,

My hands are cold.

My pulse slows down,

Blood freezes in my veins.

My heart, devoid of love,

Turns stony grey.

I am empty,

With no-one in my arms.

But with soft touch, soft spark,

Soft, low voice speaking;

And with warm smile,

And with warm, tender kiss;

My lips are full and kiss-bruised,

Hands are warmer.

Blood shoots through veins,

I am alive again.

The End

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