Love For A Fairy

Grace me with your presence, oh! divine creature

How I yearn to fixate upon your flawless feature

That winged celeste, eternal goddess of the bloom

Your feathers feel soft, yet they are only a plume

I desire your sparkling beauty, long for your love

Search for your radiance, like twinkling stars above

Restless nights I give chase, you quickly disappear

Playfully I laugh, when your saintly songs I hear

I am haunted by your vision, taken by your dance

Like that of a magic bond, I cannot dispel your trance

Your scent of heavenly roses, your ever flowing hair

Your dainty lips of pink, what woman can compare?

Your eyes burn bright as jewels, soft legs tender and pale

You are a passionate firefly, and a romantic nightingale

Beckon out or utter my name, give me just one sign

Flutter or flap your wings and let me know you are mine

How my heart has been stolen, yet before a shared kiss

Every thought I ponder is of you, and fondly I reminisce

Oh! what treacherous mind, Oh! what devouring soul

Betray my love no more and fill the curséd black hole 

You are a fairy ! A fairy! - That word I give devotion

How you struck me blind, and filled me with emotion

The morning light waxes and the white moon wanes

Your glowing body fades, I am stung with lover's pains

I shall await you once more, as ever I loyally do

Hoping for another chance to catch a glimpse of you

You are a fairy! A fairy! - That word I give delight

Come dance and sing again, oh! star child of the night



The End

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