Love feels like a drug..

The way I see LOVE.

People chase love like nothing else,

It's what everyone wants,

But to love is to chain down self,

To someone else's flaws.


And though it makes life complicated,

People die to find the treasure,

And even after well meditated,

It will always be the greatest pleasure.


Love is like a prison that you never want to leave,

While jailed with someone you think you need,

But in reality, no-matter how good it seems,

Eventually your prison-mate leaves.


Love and life are both con-artists,

Whenever your too happy one leaves you,

And your super-human in Metropolis,

Can no-longer be with you.


Love is a bit tricky,

Little know it's meaning,

It's edges are sticky,

Yet most knows it's feeling.


Love is painful, it takes no prisoners,

It scattered soulmates all over,

Love is cruel, but we're all sinners,

We deserve to endure and suffer.


But who am I to turn you away,

Go now, and find your soulmate.


The End

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