Love expiry

Well won't that be nice :)

It was late in November
I had forgotten to check the date
My lover had started misbehaving
in ways I couldn't anticipate

When finally confronted he announced
that his love was set to expire
I was told to read the fine print
before calling him out as a liar

How could love have an expiry I asked?
and when was this ever explained?
IT was a non-verbal agreement he said
and with that he couldn't be detained

So quietly I watched him leave
and move to his next conquest
that he took on with no qualms
leaving me in such unrest

Could I his attitude adopt?
then have an affair to go
knowing it will end amicably
only when there is need to know?

But then I couldn't pretend
and feelings I couldn't suppress
the affairs started with passion
but the endings had too much stress

And, so it was late in November
In solitude was I again
but t ‘was happiness I found
with love was nothing gained

The End

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