Love Can't Save You

You wander through the dark alone
The air is cold, the ground stone
You die a little bit more every day, it’s true
But you’re hoping love will save you.

You hold a gun in your cold hands
You could escape from all these demands
But you think that if you can just make it through
Love will save you.

You lay awake at night from bad dreams
It appears to you that nothing is as it seems
You lay awake thinking of what you’ll do
Until that time when love will save you.

Days go by, then weeks, then years
You live with every last leftover fear
But you wait patiently believing it’s true
That love will save you.

I have known you for a long time
I live in my own loveless dark sublime
I heard you ate a gun, I guess you found out it’s true
That no matter how badly you want it to
Love won’t save you.

The End

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