Love Can Stretch The Universe

There's something,
Something out there,
That's just oh, so brilliant.

Someone so far away,
That loves you,
To no end.

They talk about you all day,
They sing your name,
They dance as they sing.

You make them happy,
You make them cry,
You make them love you.

Someone says to them,
That maybe being a bit closer,
To the one they love,
Isn't so bad.

They respond back,
Of course it isn't,
But it can't be that way,
At least not yet.

Someone else says,
Love can stretch the universe,
It can save lives.

Distance is no issue,
It does not hold you back,
From loving whom you love.

And so you talk about them all day,
You sing their name,
You dance as you sing.

Somehow you get past,
Being so far apart,
And finally distance is gone.

Nothing holds you back,
No one tells you no.

Nothing holds you back this time,
No one tells you no this time,
Nothing breaks the love,
The love you made so strong.

The End

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