Love Born From Hate


It’s everlasting

Can’t ever get over it

Can’t ever forget it

Can’t ever leave it

And it’s so vastly different

The love between father and daughter

Differs greatly

From the love between husband and wife

And so sadly

The love of a child for a parent

Is so easily broken

Whilst the love of a wife for a husband

Is stronger


Remains there through betrayal



Whilst the love of daughter for father

It withers


So here we are

This is where the path

Of lies

Of anger

Of harsh words

Has brought us

I hate you

And mum loves you

It’s a twisted sort of love

Born out of hate

But its’ still love

Love that I just don’t have

And so I don’t know what to do

Because living with you

It’s killing me

But living without mum

That’ll also kill me

So here I am

Stuck with you

For her.

The End

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