Love At First Sight? Yeah Right.

There you were,
Pale as snow,
Lips like red red wine,
Gorgeous, I know.

Copper hair,
Spiky yet fine,
I'd run my fingers through it,
If you were mine.

Perfectly toned,
Muscles galore,
To stare isn't enough,
I want more.

Your dark eyes,
Entrancing mine,
To gaze forever more,
I'd lose all time.

The wonderful scent
Of your musky neck,
Ha! To go over and smell it,
Would that be weird?
Oh heck!

You're in my dreams,
But to tell you how,
You'd laugh in my face,
At the dreams I have now.

Coz you'd never want me,
That much I know,
I'm not one for hoping,
But that just goes to show.

And then you go over,
To that cheerleader girl,
You gaze at her body
As she gives you a twirl.

The next day she's in,
Bragging that you
Were so good in bed,
If only I knew.

A few months later,
She's not cheering no more,
You broke up with her,
Left the child she bore.

It turns out you were heartless,
Uncaring and foul,
So I became her friend,
So to me she would howl.

How you said that you loved her,
And forever would,
How you told her you'd treat her
Like no-one else could.

And you did I suppose,
Because really who else
Would be so unfair,
And unkind and false?

As to leave her and your child,
With no means of help,
But she doesn't need it -
Go help yourself.

Find some other young girl,
Who would fall for your charm,
Without even knowing
The upcoming harm.

I won't be that person,
I hate you a massive amount,
And I've finally learnt,
It's what's inside that counts.

The End

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