Love Aspired

God could have sent me
A dog, man’s best friend, to stand by me and protect me through thick and thin;
some one to listen to me and comfort me when I most needed it;
An angel to guide me and show me the right roads.
A person to comfort me, take away my sorrow and grief.

He could have sent me
A dove to remind me of peace;
A flower to remind me of love;
A lion, majestic and royal, to remind me of loyalty, trust and standing by family and friends;
A thorn in my side to remind me the people suffer daily and are going through a lot more than I ever will;
He could have given me a flower bud to remind me that life goes on and that it comes out more beautiful than before.

As you can see god did not send me these things
But what he sent me was more much more meaningful and unforgettable
He sent me you.

You were my friend when all turned away, brandishing their weapons of hurt at me;
You lifted my spirits and made me laugh on days when I just wanted to shrink into a corner, cry and beg the lord to take me.
Now, what do you mean to me?
Nothing? Never!!!

You have become like a life support to me;
Without out you I would perish and die;
I would be a mere shell;
A desolate wretch of what I was when I had you.
For you are now closer to me than family;
More valuable than life, in all its splendour;
Everything changes, yet you remain the same;
In all your beauty and serenity!

This poem, why this poem?
Well you stood by me when I just prayed for death;
You pulled my pitiful body from the pits;
So I just want to thank you.

Thank you for being you;
The kind, gentle, caring person that you are;
That ray of light when darkness has consumed all;
That single rose in the middle of a field of snow, standing there in its entire splendour, mesmerising, a true admiration!!!!
You’re that sunrise in the morning, stunning and capturing, giving hope and life for the new day.

How much do I care for you?
I would take the bullet of a gun meant to kill you;
A knife meant to pierce you;
A sickness meant to ail you.
I would take your depressions;
Steal your heart breaks;
Capture your sorrow;
Consume your tears.

Well, I am not made to be significant but only that I may draw a smile to your face;
Make you laugh when you are down and lonely, bringing out that sparkle of hope in your eyes;
If only I can keep you safe;
If I can be at least half the person to you that you have been to me;
Only then will I have served my purpose but not before that, never before that

The End

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