Love and the Darkness Behind

The last days of a person who aches to be with their loved one, reunited in peace and bliss, away from the heartbreaking grey realms of the world.

You return to me pale and faint

But just another soft caress of your flesh

Is enough to wipe away the tears

The world, even for a second, illuminated

My heart, even for a moment, so elated

But dreams rescind and the day returns

The thought of you stays with me as my heart yearns

My hand, clutching at nothing but the air

Why is life so cruel to golden hearts

Why must this all be so unfair

Time heals all wounds, so they seem to say

Tell that to a broken heart

That can't even face the day

Pain is only in our minds, so they seems to say

Say that to me when

You burn up like the sun inside

Night draws in and I welcome my dreams

When the worlds come together, ablaze with love

I see you again, so beautiful

outshining the stars, more glorious than the angels above

The feeling to bring myself to you, stronger than ever

I wrestle with the demons of my mind

This love is a sham, but how I endeavour

to return myself to you, to make it last forever

Now I remain, on the verge of ruin, turning insane

Wondering if I'll even see you once again

The glass infront of me, it holds the exit to paradise

It holds for me the key

The liquid, flavourless and dark

Cool in my mouth, flowing down

Burning to breathe, hearts aching to beat

But I smile with eyes wide open

I laugh into the empty room, I welcome this release

Swirling like whirlpools, this world fades to endless black

But I smile as I leave it behind, I know I'll never be coming back

At last we'll be together...

The End

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