Love and Lust

Do we know the difference?

Our minds have turned to dust

All because of lust

It's a villain in a despicable way

Pushing the meaning of love away

For it's lust that we have, not love

It creeps along, disguised as the dove

And then we're hit with an arrow

We're stuck with something only to borrow

Before we know it, it's gone

Gone like the end of that song

But nothing lasts forever

I guess.

Why do we mistake the game of love

The game of two people fitting like a glove

You and your other had a huge fight

But tomorrow everything will be alright

You'll tell each other "I love you"

And it's only too bad that it's not true

But one day your fights will be too much

You'll release yourselves out of the other's clutch

It's okay, you'll be fine soon

'Cause this doesn't feel like a harpoon

To the chest, this is lust, all lust

Not love.

You think hate is a strong word

Well so is its sister, haven't you heard

It's love that you must mean

It rips hearts like you've never seen

Lust is a phony, a cheat, a liar

Designed to make us feel our strength expire

But it's still there you see

It's as deep inside as it can be

Fight that villain away

It sure doesn't deserve a say

Don't let yourself become the prey

But I suppose it could be worse

You could be in love

Not lust.

The End

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