Love and Life (Collection)

Just a collection of poetry and lyric-esque pages I've written and never shown off...


Turn away,

Let me cry,

It's okay if you're scared,

So am I.

I'm scared of what I won't become,

You're scared of what I will,

But shattered hearts beat on still.

Screaming in the night,

Searching for the light ,

I'm still on my own.

A voice I crave,

Chase away the pain,

And bring me safely home.

Don't be looking back,

When I can't let go

Love without trust

Is no life at all.

You saved me from falling,

I can't be moving on

'Cause I keep looking back

And seeing you standing strong.

Let me go

Though we can't be apart

You walked on by

And stole my heart.

The End

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