Love and its ever-changing whims

I just wrote...was inspired and it just came out. :D Hope you like it.

Within the deepest  darkest hole,

amidst the misty world,

I hold,

a small heart in my hand

Once long ago it was mine,

but now it belongs to that one,

the one who will never claim a piece of me

no matter how small

or large.

Without love we are abandoned

but with it we are set aide,

it is as controlled as the tides,

as violent and peaceful as the ever changing sky

and one day,

love will explode,

taking complete hold and not letting us go,

for we shall never be in control of who we love

and they will always have a hold

on our small worthless hearts

torn out, thrown to the floor

or loved and cherished,

we will be the ones who hurt

but love the pain,

as we suffer in love

and willingly throw ourselves at the one our heart chooses,

for they are the one,

the only,

and we wish they were ours,

whether they wish it or not.

The End

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