Love And Hate Taking Over

Boyfriend and girlfriend problems :)

Why is it that you can’t see?

All the ways you’re hurting me

Every time we try to talk,

You make me just want to walk

We yell and scream and it ends in tears,

Then the next day, were back to pairs

Our parents must get so tired, watching us fight,

The force we share with all our might

I push you and you push back,

The love and patience is what we lack

My friends don’t like you, but I don’t care,

I argue with them, I lose them in fear

As long as I have you, I think I’m fine,

But we both know, there’s no more time

I love you so much, but this needs to stop,

I think we can agree the ball has been dropped

Who will be the one, to say goodbye,

There’s nothing left for us to try

So now I say I love you so,

And at that point we both know,

Neither of us can walk away,

We both desire the need to stay.






The End

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