Dear Sara,

Going off to war, Sebastian Holmes believes that he is going to make the world a better place for his new bride, Sara...but when he realizes what he's doing, it's too late...he's already gone...but through the letters that he wrote to her, she knew...the better place is not needed when the best place is right in his arms.

How can I extend to you the moon
When we don't see the same star?

How can I explain how much I miss you
When you and I are too far?

I hate it here
Stuck in this stupid fight

But trust me when I promise
I'll be back home when all is right

I love you with all of my heart
And to that I avow

I miss your touch and sweet embrace
And wish I could be with you there and now

There are no words to describe my longing for you
It aches too much to be away

But another promise is about to be made:
Once this battle is over, I'll be home to stay.

The End

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