I felt like a fool everytime I’d drool. But I really didn’t care I laid myself bare. I thought u would see for who I really am… through all my mess and superficial sham, I thought you would see my heart of gold, my talents, my gifts which are my treasure trove. But anyway..all I ever wanted was  your respect and care, the love of a friend, that for me you would just be there. So that when I felt lonely, i’d look into your light brown eyes.. mend my broken heart and resurrect myself to a second life. When I laid eyes on you, I learnt what it is to love unconditionally..to make your happiness my own and to give unexhaustively.

I knew you couldn’t  give me much- since you gave your heart elsewhere, baby its ok, what else could you do I know its fair. For a smile on your face and the glimmer in your eyes, I’d gladly lay down my life. I know im a LOOSER- a retard at the least…I’d loose it all for YOU..you didn’t even have to say please!

Your presence in my life as nothing less than a friend … gave me a lifetime of happiness, you proved to be my strength. But then you dropped me in a heart beat, you left me in my misery. What will people think about me… for that you tread on my dignity.

All I wanted was your acknowledgment and attention as a very special friend, when you knew id be your life jacket- Your hero till the very end. But instead you chose to treat me like a forgotten memory – you tore me out like a page from your life’s history.

I felt rejected and broken inside, the pain was back this time …multiplied 500 times. Is this the real you was I this blind…how could I be wrong..i  know I dug a grave .. had no one to blame the choice was all mine.

I was never really more than a fleeting moment to you, more like early morning dew

What you are is still is a mystery to me…I cant forget you..your face is seared on my memory. The slightest play of your hair, the quivering of your tiny nose, the sound of your laughter and the humming of your favorite tunes.

So for all its worth ill cherish it every time, every moment is bliss and unforgettable , … Even if you forget me and erase me off your mind.

So in the name of all that is good and true ..You’ll still find me standing tall..with my heart in my hand..waiting to hear you call … HEY BABY… I LOVE YOU!!!...


The End

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