When I say I love you 

Do u understand what that means? 

That I wish I was the soap 

That gets spread all over your body 

And gets you clean.

That I wish I was your clothes

Because there might be 20 minutes a day

That they don't get to be close.

That I wish I was your pillow

So that every night

I could caress your beautiful face.

That I wish I was your shoes

So that every morning

You would put me on 

And know that me,

at least for that day,

You will not lose.

That I wish I was the makeup 

You think you so desperately need,

Because you wear that stuff

 From the time you wake up

Until after you eat

That I wish I was your jewelry

So that I could make you

 Love yourself a little more

Even without the makeup

And maybe make u see parts of your body that you don't ever see

Like your collarbones 

Or that little gap between your toes

Or that little scar on your left knee

I wish I was that table you sit at every day

Because then maybe we could get some alone time 

I wish I was the warm bed

That you yearn to get back into all morning

 But instead I'm me

 And I should give you my warning

I'm fragile.

I break too easy

Because I've been shattered before.

I sleep too much

Because it gets me away from stuff 

Like the memories that force their way back

 Out of the boxes in the back of my head

Or the questions 

That ask"Does she really love you? Could she really love you? Are you really enough?"

Because baby I've never been enough

Enough fun

Enough love

Enough attention

Commitment scares me

I need a way out

And if I can't find one I will cry and I'll shout

And then I'll beg you not to leave

 I know it's unfair but baby I get scared

 And I don't trust as easy

As I lust 

And I lust a lot 

Because when I'm in love 

I need to be as close to you

 As your hand and your glove

Some call that clingy

Some call that annoying

And I will annoy you

Because I love you

And I show my love for you 

By being there when you need me and when you don't.

The End

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