Cheaters, betrayal

'sweetie-'  you try, 

and I snarl, animalistic and afraid.

because I'm not your 'sweetie',

haven't been for a while now,

as you try to convince me that what

you did was okay, that it wasn't your fault.

i know it was, I knew it from the moment

I spun on my heel and turned to face you,

sitting in the courtroom, calm as can be. 

and I left. i had to.

you were never in love with me,

not the way you said.

to you, they were just words, 

to me, they were a promise.

i can't live like this,

and I'm not sure I ever did.

what I wasted years in couldn't really

be called 'living', after all.

'try again' I growl, and I leave,

for the final time, this is the last time I slam this door.

or so I tell myself.

we both know I'll be back.

The End

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