love is a powerful thing, but what kind of love is greater than the love of God

the love that is given to us from above, thats love

we talk about this fictional love, the kind about in fairy tales and teen novels

but that love is just for a life time, the love of above is more than enough

so maybe we should take time to thank him for that love

love is something we play with

expressed in sex, touch, and words

but thats not love, love is something special

love is more than a word, its an emotion, a feeling

so why not take it seriously

maybe if love was used as it was meant to be there would be more love

now you ask how would that make more love

well if we love how the Father first loved us, a perfect love, then more people will want to love

they will stop letting past love, or what they called love, from hurting them and take a chance at love

love is more than a fairy tale word, its a way of live

we all love, some love the good things and some love the bad

but no matter what, learn to love, because thats whats gonna pull you through

true love, not the love portrayed by porn stars, strippers, and movie makers

thats not love, thats lust

if we learn to love and not lust then broken hearts will decrease in amount

suicide rates will fall, depression will hit rock bottom, and people will learn to love

love isnt about what you see or feel, love is a feeling from within

its the connection between the heart and the mind

love isnt a game or a toy, its much much more

so like i said before, let us learn to love, not how the world says we should

but rather how God says we should

let us love a love that is real love, a love that is pure love, a love that isnt worldly love, but love from above

now thats love

The End

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