This is what I feel that love is



Love is a feeling that causes the heart to cease, commence, and breathe

It makes the eyes glisten from the jovial, amazing moments that snatch your breath away

The hands began to hunger until they can experience one's touch

A delicate caress, a tender kiss, a warm embrace is what binds you together

Its frailty makes the arduous memories more valuable

You beam with elation when you hear that their name is mentioned

And when you blush, it is not embarrassment

In fact, it is the thought of you realizing you are diving

Diving into a sea of adventure, precious smiles, thoughtful words, gentle kisses that blow your mind, and finally, the path in which you are no longer an individual soul rather, you have emerged into

Two souls who complement each other, sacrifice for one another, declare their love regardless to a person's objections and criticisms,

Who love from the stages of personal, universal, but most of all, it is and forever will be unconditional


The End

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