This was the first poem I ever wrote, based on the first time I had ever said 'I love you'.
I have a few poems recorded on youtube and would love for people to check them out!

A dark night,

 One fight,

So much rain you could barely see through it.

He couldn’t even remember what the argument was about now, .

They were both screaming in the rain,

Alas he couldn’t be angry at her

So he kissed her

 They held each other as the rain feel all around,

He held her tight and looked into her deep blue eyes as they shared a thought,

At the same time the words that were so perfect

They were reserved for only fools that wished

To play the game;

The game of joy,

The game of sadness,

The game of perfection,

The game of heartbreak;

The game of love.


“I love you”


They both whispered,

So loudly that only the whole world could hear,

Because right here,

Right now they were each other’s worlds,

Nothing else mattered,

To scream something to the world,

Meant only a whisper in each other’s ear.

The End

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